So, what IS going on in the Ukraine?

Last Sunday, 17th February, was one of the rare occasions on which I switched my car radio on. The sender was “MDR Aktuell”, a German "state" news service and part of the cartel owned press. One article concerned the sanctions against Russia which the Ferkel* is pushing hard and the “justification” for them.


The article was a classic example of Roosevelt’s second way to lie, i.e. to tell the truth but such a small part of it that the listener is completely mislead. (See “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” page 22)


The story related was that, five years ago, the previous president, Yanukovych, had refused to sign a trade deal with the European Union. The MDR correspondent then went on to say that mass protests occurred demanding an end to corruption resulting in the deaths of many people.


There then followed a five year jump to 25th November 2018 when three Ukrainian military vessels were arrested by the Russians off the coast of Crimea whilst under way to the Kerch Strait and the Azov Sea. In the intervening five years nothing, apparently, of any significance had happened at all. The “unprovoked” arrest of these boats and their crews is then used by the Ferkel to demand ever more sanctions against Russia.


It is highly educational to look at what actually did happen and the facts which the main stream press thought “not worth mentioning”.


Russia under Boris Yeltsin was a land raped and destroyed by the bankers.

One of Putin’s first actions was to begin the process of ejecting them and their ilk from the country. Finally, in early 2018, the last of the bankers was expelled from Russia and Russia became one of the very few countries of this world with no national debt.


The bankers, of course, did not take this lying down and, on many fronts, began a programme aimed at destroying Russia. One of these was an EU / Ferkel plot to destroy the Russian economy by dumping European goods onto the Russian market via the open border with the Ukraine.


Shortly before this accord was to be signed, Putin both warned the Ukrainian government that he would have to close the border if they signed the deal with Ferkel and, at the same time, made them a better offer. Yanukovych then accepted the better offer as being much more beneficial to the Ukrainian people as well as ensuring peace with their Russian neighbours.


Ferkel & Co. then sent in hundreds of agent provocateurs and more than a few assassins who actually started the shooting in Kiev. Yanukovych was toppled from power and replaced with a Ferkel puppet and “Godfather” of a Mafia type organisation, Petro Poroshenko.


The news that they were now to be ruled over by the Mafia did not sit well with the Ukrainian people and they began to take action to save themselves from it.


Under international law, any region which is capable of existing autonomously has the right, by referendum, to declare independence or to change its allegiance from one state to another. The people in the Crimea organised such a referendum and chose to become a part of Russia instead of Ukraine: Perfectly legal and proper and a way of avoiding Ferkels Mafia.


Although, at the time, it was reported in the cartel press that Russia used 20,000 soldiers to impose this result, the facts are, once again, rather different.


Following independence, Russia and the Ukraine reached an accord for Russia to lease the port of Sebastopol in the Crimea. Under this treaty, Russia was allowed up to 50,000 military personnel in the area. This 50,000 includes cooks, drivers, administrators, mechanics, etc. A few of these are obviously military fighting units.


I do not know and don’t think that the Russians would tell me if I asked what the ratio of soldier to back-up personnel is but, in WWII, it was 12 support personnel for each fighting soldier. So, from the 20,000 military personnel actually present in the Crimea at the time, perhaps 1,700 may have been active duty soldiers - about right as security for a large naval base in peacetime. Some of these military personnel, I am told, were actually Crimean residents and entitled to vote in the referendum. These were the soldiers present at some voting stations.


My contacts in the Crimea tell me that the change was hugely popular and the people in the Crimea as a whole have benefit greatly from the change of nationality.


Seeing the success in the Crimea, the people in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of the Ukraine sought their own salvation by organising similar referenda. Poroshenko ordered the Ukrainian army to attack Donetsk and Luhansk to prevent the referenda. Around 51% of the Ukrainian soldiers refused to attack their own people and deserted from the army. Since then, Poroshenko has been relying on mercenaries organised from America to attack his own people.


On the 31st March this year, presidential elections are due in the Ukraine. It seems very likely that Poroshenko will lose. He has, therefore, been seeking to create circumstances which would justify his calling a state of emergency in order to cancel the elections.


His first attempt, relying upon promises made to him by the previous US administration was to organise a full-scale military invasion of Donetsk and Luhansk. Russia responded to this by openly deploying a large army close to their border with Luhansk but said nothing at all. Poroshenko’s expectation that American units would back up his invasion was snookered when the American commanders pulled their troops back out of the area. The attack on Donetsk and Luhansk was never launched.


There is a long-standing agreement between Russia and the Ukraine, governing passage through the narrow Kerch Strait between the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. Passenger and cargo ships may use the Strait at need. Military vessels, however, must first be notified - a very reasonable precaution where naval units from two different nations are using the same water. The three Ukrainian ships were not notified as required by the agreement and refused to co-operate with repeated Russian requests to comport themselves in accord with the agreement.


In point of fact, the ships were under orders to illegally sail in Russian waters close to the coast instead of in the international water of the Black Sea. In accord with international law and in the interests of avoiding conflict around major naval installations, Russian ships arrested the Ukrainians.


All that is needed, I am sure, to assure the release of the sailors and their ships is a formal apology from the Ukrainian government to that of Russia. Putin is an eminently reasonable man but don’t try to push him around!

So, a manufactured provocation created in the attempt to avoid a democratic election is to be used to engender a state of conflict between Europe and Russia. What sort or pea brained idiots have we entrusted with the care of our land?


Putin has proffered his thanks to Ferkel and co for the economic sanctions to date as these have had the effect of protecting the fledgling Russian economy from European competition and been of great assistance to him in expelling the bankers. I have not, as yet, heard her response to this accolade.


Karma Singh


20th Feb 2019

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