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Three major works  and a large and growing number of handbooks have now been published.

In 2017 & 2018 two DVDs have been added which open up completely new healing possibilities based upon the latest discoveries and applications in Quantum Biophysics.


The entire catalogue is here:


With the exception of "The Key to Luck" which is a step by step guide to unlimited manifesting, all of these concern themselves with dis-eases which, according to the medical industry, are either partially or completely incurable.


From his many years study and professional practise, Karma Singh has not only determined that there is no such thing as an incurable disease but also discovered the true causes of a great many of the so called incurables. He has, further, pioneered the study and research out of which the solutions to these dis-eases has been developed.


All of these solutions are non-medical as they do not deal with symptoms (effects of a problem) but exclusively with removing the causes of your dis-eases, whatever they may be, from your life.


Cancer? So what?

The definitive answer to cancer showing all the causes and how to remove each and every one.

This book is currently (February 2019) being completely re-written to include all of the newest knowledge and healing techniques garnered since the book was first published in 2007 


The Flu Fairy Tale

Written to help counter the mass propaganda about the mythological "Deadly 'Flu", this book contains the biological facts about illness and the scientific proof that there is no such thing as either an infectious disease nor yet a vaccine to "protect" you against it.



The Healing Handbooks:

These were written at the request of large numbers of my newsletter subscribers. Each deals in detail with a specific health issue, its origins and solutions.

A long list of english language handbooks can be accessed by clicking on the link heading this paragraph.

Most are already translated into german.

New handbooks, videos and other matial are added regularly so do keep coming back if that which you need is not yet there or sign up for the newsletter to be automatically notified as each new handbook is added.

Articles suitable for your website:

All of these articles can be downloaded free of charge and distributed in any manner, including article content on your own websites provided that they are in no way altered: This includes removing and/or adding any website links, email addresses or telephone numbers.

Within these constraints, please be my guest.


The Elimination of Fear 

Using Quantum Physics to increase your Health, Wealth and Happiness 

A Whole New Way of Looking at things     (pdf 69kb) 

The Miracle of Giving - Jan 2007        


Being a hero - December 2006      Deutsche Übersetzung hier  

How did we get here - November 2006 

The basics of much of the dysfunctional structure of our society.

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